Alvão National Park

Just 25Km from Celorico is the Alvão National Park. An excelent location for walking surrounded by nature.

The park is well known for the natural waterfalls at Fisgas do Ermelo.

This waterfall is one of the biggest in Portugal and in Europe. Not falling quite vertically, it does so through a great barrier of quartz digging a deep crevice. Its waters separate the granitic zones from the schist lands surrounding.

The steepness of the waterfall runs throughout 200m dug along the millennia of its existence. Its calm but persevering waters come from the Olo river which is born in Parque Natural do Alvão.

Before the falls there are several crystal-clear lagoons very popular in the summer season.

The Waterfall of Fisgas do Ermelo can be accessed by the forest roads which connect Lamas de Olo to Ermelo or from Mondim de Basto and Vila Real through the street EN304 near the village of Ermelo and the bridge over the river Olo.

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