International Camellia Festival

Celorico de Basto is increasingly recognized as the Capital of the Camellias, for its graceful camellia gardens in grand emblazoned houses, for the collectors and passionate about this flower, for the International Camellia Festival, for the merchandising and for the beauty that is spreading throughout the county.

This natural heritage that ennobles us and identifies us gains brilliance and notoriety with the International Camellia Festival. A trade show that consolidated the brand “Celorico de Basto Capital of the Camellias”, which is a reason for thousands of people to visit, not only on the weekend of the event but throughout the month of March.

This party offers to those who visit us a series of memorable and unique events for its grandeur, originality, participation of the entire population and associations. Among many other actions will be the Battle of Flowers, the exhibition / contest of camellias, the decoration of streets, shop windows, balconies and other colorful, the thematic parade through the streets of the village of Celorico de Basto, the fashion show for the queen’s election. and camellia princesses, the camellia raid…

Come and see this natural heritage, Celorico de Basto is waiting for you!

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